God Came

Into This World – God Came



It was a world of sin and depravation, denial and deviation. It was a world that had rebelled against God. In some ways, not all that different than today. But it was also a world without hospitals, with comparatively little education, where few could read or write. It was a world for the most part empty of compassion for the young, for the sick, for the elderly. It was a world where life was cheap. Where the sick or the elderly were abandoned in the mountains or on the tops of the city walls. Where execution was often the price for minor offenses. 


Into that world, God came.


It was a world lost in emptiness, lost in the day-to-day struggle of finding sometimes scraps of food to survive. A world of dirty, smelly, cities and people. A world where people made a symbolic gesture of worship to some one or more higher deities, but lived their lives as though nothing was greater than man. It was a world where slavery was common, where respect for someone of another nation was often non-existent.


Into that world, God came.


With flashes of lightening, crashes of thunder,

Blasts of trumpets tearing the night asunder,

God did not come.


As a king in royal splendor demanding glory and adoration,

Proud and haughty, with arrogance beyond mention,

God did not come.


To crowds giving praise and honor and adoration,

Seeking his favor craving his attention,

God did not come.


But to the lonely and frightened, the sad and bewildered,

To the sick and abandoned, downtrodden and tattered,

Into our world, God came.


In the form of a man, with the respect of a slave,

To the hungry and naked, and the demented who raved,

Into our world, God came.


We were in sin, removed from our God,

Our creator abandoned, without hope on this sod,

Into our world, God came.


This God, who came in his Son into a world of sin and rejection and death, came so we could be his children. He came to die so our sins could be forgiven. Jesus came so we could live in the glory he abandoned.


Larry Meissner ©2016


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