African Famine


Here is a new video from Brandon, one of our members who is currently working in Africa. The locals are facing an upcoming famine and you can help! Watch the video for more information. We'll be taking up a special collection to help this coming Sunday, December 13


Friday Night Bible Study

Tonights theme for our Friday Night Young Families bible study.

IMPACT - New Teen Youth Group

Due to the growth of our teen group, we've reluanched a new teen youth group title IMPACT!

The goal is to Provide Teens a fun and safe environment, where they can strengthen themselves as Christians and leaders.  To Support Parents as they provide discipline and instruction in the Lord.  Ephesians 6:4.

Teen, 6th Grade - 12th Grade
Beaumont Church of Christ: 960 Oak Valley Parkway, Beaumont CA
-Sunday Morning at 9:30am - Join us for bible studies which focus on life application for teens
-Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm - Join us for classes on "who's who of the bible" 
-Monthly scheduled events and activities
IMPACT will center on creating a positive learning environment that encourages attendance for our youth and their friends.  IMPACT will promote fellowship and learning.  Teens should have a program they actually look forward to attending.  Teens should come out of IMPACT with a strong understanding of God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ, which they can use as a foundation for their adult life.  IMPACT teens will develop a historical knowledge of the Bible, as well as learn its life application.


Please Note, only local members will be given access to the members only area.